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Before And After


Incredible results and inspiring journeys – see some of our patients' before and after photos next time you visit our practice.

Case 1: Invisalign, Crowns and Veneers

Case 2: Crowns and Veneers

Case 3: Whitening, Crowns, Veneers, White Composite Fillings

Case 4: Replacement of failing amalgam fillings with white composite fillings and all-ceramic inlays

Case 5: All-Ceramic Crowns and Veneers

Case 6: All-Ceramic Veneers

Case 7: All-Ceramic Veneers

Case 8: All-Ceramic Crowns

This patient suffered with gum recession and worn enamel. Prep-less veneers using E.max were used to restore her smile. The patient is very happy with the results.

This patient suffered for years with worn chipping teeth. His treatment was completed in 2 hours and he is very happy with the result.

This patient had broken veneers. His teeth were restored in a single visit with CEREC.

This Patient had broken veneers for years. His teeth were restored in just one visit using CEREC. E.max is incredible for its strength and beauty



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