In-Office Whitening

Advantages of In-Office Whitening

We use an amazing in-office teeth whitening system that actually strengthens teeth during the process. The process involves applying a concentrated gel directly to your teeth after we have carefully isolated and covered your gums. We’ll clean your teeth and re-apply the gel again for another 15-minute round of whitening.

The biggest advantage of in-office whitening is that your full teeth bleaching results are seen in just one trip to our Menlo Park office. There’s no need to come back to pick up trays, buy gel refills, or apply the product at home every day.

When you select an in-office whitening treatment, you get perks like:

Is Teeth Bleaching Safe? 

Absolutely. Our dentist Dr. Mohan will thoroughly screen your teeth before recommending a teeth whitening regimen. Once we’ve determined your teeth and gums are healthy, you can choose between in-office or at home teeth whitening treatment.

Something to Keep in Mind

No matter which type of teeth whitening treatment you choose, your teeth are porous and can absorb new stains over time. That’s why it’s so important to minimize your contact with more problematic types of foods and liquids. If you’re not able to drink through a straw, try to rinse your mouth out well with water, minimizing stain particle contact with your teeth.

Scheduling regular checkups is also important since we can polish off any new superficial stains that accumulate between visits.

Help Your Teeth Look Their Best

If you’re still torn as to whether you should get custom teeth whitening trays or have your smile brightened in a day with In-Office Whitening, we’ll be happy to help guide you through the decision process.

Brightening your enamel helps teeth look naturally healthier and more youthful. When your smile looks its brightest, it’s the foundation to everything that comes next.

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